Expanding your mind, transforming your barriers to health, wealth and happiness and empowering ANYONE to rise up and into their own greatness, no matter what their starting point. That's my ideal day!


Hi, I’m Danielle Martin Johnson, Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer, I have enjoyed a successful, near 20 year career, auctioning and negotiating 100's of millions of dollars in property transactions across Melbourne's real estate capital, St Kilda and its surrounding Bayside suburbs. I won monthly and annual performance based awards, started my own agency from scratch and during the biggest economic slump in 15 years, I joined forces with a colleague and we convinced a bank to lend us over 1M to buy a tired, big old rent-roll that we revived and merged with a popular local franchise, I was getting it done, I had made it. Had I, then why did I feel I had more to give, more to be, more to have? Two years ago I finally had to acknowledge that I had accomplished all I wanted from that side of the real estate fence and I was no longer living "my" dream. 

It didn't matter how I got there, after almost 20 years I had arrived at "it's time for a change". 

There is a ridiculous story in-between, however the short version is, sell the real estate business I had just lovingly re-built with my business partner and merged with a big local franchise, follow my heart back to San Fransisco, where I had left it (I know right) a year or so before hand, settle in California with my new husband and re-train under the mentorship of some of the personal development industry giants, to bring you the new and improved version of me & my "if I knew then, what I know now" insightful, raw, gritty, personal growth strategies that will not just rock the ass out of your bottom line, but will propel you well into the giddy heights of unlimited success in every aspect of your life.

Im Danielle Martin Johnson and I specialise in your results.