Success in life begins where ever you are.

Physical incarceration is no reason to stop growing, developing and reaching for greater success, all through history this has been proven time and time again. Ignited Unchained is a powerful mindset and attitude program designed specifically to work with individuals who are physically incarcerated and yet to understand the power of the potential they have locked up inside of them. Largely based on the principals of Universal Law with elements of CBT, this trauma informed and gender responsive program provides a raw and honest introspective exploration of the relationship between our thoughts and our results and places special emphasis on re-building self image and confidence.

Ignited Unchained is a powerful program designed to interrupt destructive thinking that leads to destructive behavior. It starts with exercises in self worth and self belief, allowing participants to begin to get in touch with wants and desires that inspire them to begin reaching for greater levels of accomplishment and believing they create their own life success in freedom.

Every person who has ever been successful has followed the same system, whether they are conscious of it or not. They start wanting something different. As soon as the want turns into self belief, the want can be accomplished. Success comes in all shapes and sizes and it depends entirely on who’s seeking it.

Innovative program

Empowering education delivered in 6 modules, 1 X 90minute session for 6 weeks. Intervenes with thought maps that lead to criminal and addictive activity.  Participants explore the relationship between thoughts and results & establish new basis for growth and life success.

rebuild beliefs

Enduring  benefits or substantial change cannot  be achieved using goals developed from a flawed foundation. The Ignited Unchained program deconstructs limiting beliefs & self image to rebuild them with the door wide open to purpose, possibility and potential all born from fresh insight and vision.

ignite new results

We become what we think about. Thoughts create feelings, feelings propel us into action, actions produce results. Question beliefs, create new thoughts, take new actions, create New Results. With  raised awareness, simple information & easy to implement powerful and thoroughly transformative daily  exercises..