Millions Of People Just Like You & Me

There is so much talent in the world, so many people take life on and win, with what appears to be very little effort. There are those who are just good with what they have, they don't rock the boat, don't push the boundaries, they are content. Then there are the millions and millions of people just like me, they know they want something different, know they want to take life on, however they've just never really been sure how to do it. I am so grateful that I am an "enquirer", a "seeker", I'm content, however I'm not satisfied with just enough and I'm absolutely in love with finding out, grateful for every door that I open and happy knowing each door I open, leads to another door to open. If I had just toed the line and stayed in my misery and dissatisfaction, I would never have met my husband LaMerle Johnson Sr, I would not have discovered my passion for helping people discover and realise their own potential, I wouldn't have started thinking about how this education can be taught to kids so they can start in a place of power and that will give them the freedom to be all they can, but most of all I probably would have lived my life in a way that just allowed me to be delivered safely to the end without ever having tried to be the best that I can - unaccomplished, un-fulfilled and completely dissatisfied. The study I do with Thinking Into Results is not only a new career that I am bringing to everyone who has ever felt like they have more in them, it is the missing piece of my own personal puzzle and I know without doubt that becoming a product of this product is the most liberating thing I have done! I love my life and I can help you love yours.. 


So Im in that place of WOWWWW, I just finished another extraordinary Bob Proctor seminar (‪#‎BobProctorAMAZING‬), Ive made all these great new friends and connections and I'm determined to keep the momentum going - I really want to keep this great FEELING going and so I started contemplating "what is it at the end of a seminar that makes me feel so powerful". You remember how amazing and powerful you feel at the end of a seminar? Well you felt that way because you feel so good about being YOU. For two, three or four days someone spoke to YOU, they told you that YOU CAN have it, YOU CAN do it, YOU CAN be it and they made you understand and believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH to do ANYTHING you want. A few days after its over and you start forgetting what it was that made you feel so great and the negative mind chatter takes over again. How quickly we forget the we ARE ENOUGH. So from now on, be your own seminar, anytime that back of mind chatter comes up and tries to stop you, just start your own seminar in your mind and start re-creating the empowerment. Think back to how GREAT you felt about YOU at the end of the seminar. Tell yourself YOU are AWESOME and YOU can do ANYTHING. Every day, watch one of Bobs videos, read a chapter every night of Think and Grow Rich, or just start empowering yourself with positive affirmations in front of the mirror. Join a coaching course or reach out to any one of a number of us awesome TIR facilitators.

Believe it, have it! Change your mind, change your life and in the meantime, just shine! Cheers, d

You Are Unique - 30 Seconds to Never Compete For Listings Again

In the real estate arena and as a property auctioneer, poker face and uncomfortable silences are necessary skills in a well crafted negotiation. The first goal is the best possible price for the selling client and the second, a guarantee that the previous weeks efforts have not been in vein, your going to be paid - a commission will be forthcoming. It can be a brutal industry and as many as one in six, well qualified, intelligent and often accomplished agents quite the industry. It is considered a highly competitive industry and thats the thing that I find so interesting. 

I spent 20 years in the trenches, dusting off against the boys and I enjoyed plenty of success, I also spent a few moments "licking my wounds" (particularly my ego), but on the whole, I held my own and did well. Long hours, big responsibilities, draining emotionally and physically, there is no denying it can be a tough gig. The rewards on the other hand, far out weigh any difficulty, so incredibly satisfying when you get the "nod" on a new listing, that phone call you've been waiting on that gives you the impetus to do the happy dance through the office, or punching the air once you're out of sight, leaving an appraisal with a signed authority in your hands, your client believes you are the best person for the job as much as you do and that is the best validation. Then there's the events of opening the property for inspection, best suit on, meeting potential clients at the open homes and the indescribable rush of either standing at the front of the property on that fourth Saturday and "yelling and screaming your head off" or completing a negotiation that effects a sale, my heart is pumping a little faster just thinking about it all and it doesn't matter what else I do in life, I still feel that rush and I love it!

I absolutely understand the industry and why it seduces hundreds of people who "just love real estate" to work in the industry. I really get it, I mean I spent 20 years getting it, I got it over and over again. 

Heres my observation, this industry attracts such a variety of agents, mostly smart, presentable, likable, confident people with good skills and intelligence. Why is it then, that so many awesome people, cadets, young and old, come and go, overworked, cheated, disillusioned and often broke? What forces agent hopefuls out of the industry are a range of disappointing events such as competition from within their own team, unfair distribution of leads, buyer and vendor "stealing", unfair commission structures weighted overly towards the company and so list goes on. With so many passionate and great people coming into the industry every week, why do so many leave feeling utterly disappointed and defeated, the erroneous concept of COMPETITION. I mean with the list I just gave, it's everywhere, right? 

Wrong! In an industry that is fundamentally commission based and measured on service, there is no product, nothing, zip, nada to compare to. If I could give one piece of advice to everyone finding their real estate feet, it would be to give this some serious contemplation; competition is completely a state of mind, you do not have to compete with anyone. Not your office colleagues, not your managers and directors, absolutely no-one from another company and definitely not the junior about to start next week. In fact even if you thought you did have to compete at some level, here is the news, YOU CAN"T COMPETE because you are the only person "doing you".

Our whole lives we are taught about competing and if you were running a race against other agents and the object was to get to the finish line, then of course there is competition, but this is not a race. Try something new, think about this, YOU are the only person in the world just like YOU, correct? Now if you agree with that, then it has to follow that absolutely no-one can bring "your uniqueness" to the transaction. What "YOU" bring is all yours, irreplaceable and as worthy of the deal as you decide it is. If you think that the agent in the next cubicle brings something better to the sale or listing, then you are absolutely correct and you might as well not even bother going to the appointment, you are already defeated.

Think of it like this, if you go into an appointment thinking about your "competition", what they offer, how many more or less listings they have or how better or worse their office is positioned to handle the sale, you are already sending out vibrations not totally in harmony with "YOU" being the best person for the job. If you aren't feeling it, how on earth do you expect the client to feel?

So before your next appointment try a quick visualisation, whether its a listing appraisal or an open home, spend 30 seconds before you go inside, clear your thoughts and just visualize yourself securing the business you seek. Imagine yourself as the exact person they need you to be to get the deal done in that moment. You will be wearing your best suit, have your good pen in your hand, you might be shaking the hand of the buyer or you might see the crowd laughing at your mid auction jokes. Don't think about anything else other than the power you are going to bring and perfectly you can handle the transaction.

Here's the Gold: Whatever your vision is, make it powerful, know that you have what it takes and allow yourself to be the in the position you seek. This is the most important part, imagine how good your clients feel when you achieve the objective of the transaction, imagine their relief and satisfaction and then imagine how you feel, imagine that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you have for yourself, feel the smile on your face, feel your back straighten and feel the lightness in your walk, you did it, they trusted you and you produced! See yourself shaking their hands and thanking them for the opportunity. How good does it feel!!!!!

What a fantastic feeling, knowing that YOU created the whole thing, you didn't compete for it, you created it and you can just keep creating the perfect situation for you, every single time. NEVER compete for business again, just draw a line in the sand and make the decision today to start creating your listings and sales. Remember that the belief in you needs to start with you! 

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Cheers, dmj