So Im in that place of WOWWWW, I just finished another extraordinary Bob Proctor seminar (‪#‎BobProctorAMAZING‬), Ive made all these great new friends and connections and I'm determined to keep the momentum going - I really want to keep this great FEELING going and so I started contemplating "what is it at the end of a seminar that makes me feel so powerful". You remember how amazing and powerful you feel at the end of a seminar? Well you felt that way because you feel so good about being YOU. For two, three or four days someone spoke to YOU, they told you that YOU CAN have it, YOU CAN do it, YOU CAN be it and they made you understand and believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH to do ANYTHING you want. A few days after its over and you start forgetting what it was that made you feel so great and the negative mind chatter takes over again. How quickly we forget the we ARE ENOUGH. So from now on, be your own seminar, anytime that back of mind chatter comes up and tries to stop you, just start your own seminar in your mind and start re-creating the empowerment. Think back to how GREAT you felt about YOU at the end of the seminar. Tell yourself YOU are AWESOME and YOU can do ANYTHING. Every day, watch one of Bobs videos, read a chapter every night of Think and Grow Rich, or just start empowering yourself with positive affirmations in front of the mirror. Join a coaching course or reach out to any one of a number of us awesome TIR facilitators.

Believe it, have it! Change your mind, change your life and in the meantime, just shine! Cheers, d