Millions Of People Just Like You & Me

There is so much talent in the world, so many people take life on and win, with what appears to be very little effort. There are those who are just good with what they have, they don't rock the boat, don't push the boundaries, they are content. Then there are the millions and millions of people just like me, they know they want something different, know they want to take life on, however they've just never really been sure how to do it. I am so grateful that I am an "enquirer", a "seeker", I'm content, however I'm not satisfied with just enough and I'm absolutely in love with finding out, grateful for every door that I open and happy knowing each door I open, leads to another door to open. If I had just toed the line and stayed in my misery and dissatisfaction, I would never have met my husband LaMerle Johnson Sr, I would not have discovered my passion for helping people discover and realise their own potential, I wouldn't have started thinking about how this education can be taught to kids so they can start in a place of power and that will give them the freedom to be all they can, but most of all I probably would have lived my life in a way that just allowed me to be delivered safely to the end without ever having tried to be the best that I can - unaccomplished, un-fulfilled and completely dissatisfied. The study I do with Thinking Into Results is not only a new career that I am bringing to everyone who has ever felt like they have more in them, it is the missing piece of my own personal puzzle and I know without doubt that becoming a product of this product is the most liberating thing I have done! I love my life and I can help you love yours..