Danielle Martin

 Just when I thought my 20 years of real estate were over, negotiating, listing, selling, buyers, vendors, landlords and tenants. I thought I had seen, done and been it all. I have negotiated my way in and out of listings, sales, rentals, business loans and deals. I've counseled clients through messy divorces, ugly separations, deaths of love ones, bickering siblings over wills, wayward teenagers and bitter custody battles and I have also been there for births of babies, graduations, and many other celebrations of life that you generally only share with family and friends. And along the way while I was racking up 100's of millions of dollars in property sales, I manage to study buddhist philosophy for a decade or so! 

Well it seems I haven't been and done it all. I haven't taken all that negotiating, counseling, study and life experience and expanded on it. Reflecting on this it was obvious that the only thing I could do was more work on myself, hone yet another skill set and create a really exciting new career path that shared all my experience with extraordinary personal development training and then make myself available to unlock the potential in others.

I'm so excited to welcome my new chapter, Danielle Martin Johnson - Thinking Into Results - Certified Facilitator with Proctor Gallagher Institute. If you feel there's more for you to give, do, be or have in your life, or just have that feeling you can do better and you don't quite know why you're not, I know the answer and can find in you change on a level that you didn't even think was possible.

Please like my new page Danielle Martin Johnson - Thinking Into Results then Private message me, or email danielle@daniellemartin.com.au if you or anyone you know is just stuck!