Forget about where you are right now, where do you really want to be? What do you want your real estate career to look like? Relax, close your eyes, think “anything you want in the next 12 months”. How many appraisals, what’s your conversion, how many sales, what is your average fee, what’s your gross annual commission, what car are you driving and most importantly, how do you feel in all success?

Did you know your subconscious mind has no way of differentiating between whats real and what’s imagined and your subconscious is directing all of your results.

Just when I thought my 20 years of real estate were over, negotiating, listing, selling, buyers, vendors, landlords and tenants. I thought I had seen, done and been it all. I have negotiated my way in and out of listings, I’ve bought, sold and Auctioned a huge variety of homes in a variety of good and bad markets Ive brokered loans and cut deals. I've counseled clients through messy divorces, ugly separations, deaths of love ones, bickering siblings over wills, wayward teenagers and bitter custody battles and I have also been there for births of babies, graduations, and many other celebrations of life that you generally only share with family and friends.

I’ve racked up 100's of millions of dollars in property sales and not only have I managed to stay sane, I’ve realised the benefits of meditation and crafted a new career. For the last 5 years I’ve been living between America and Australia, speaking success and mentoring across 2 continents, in Real Estate Agencies, business’s in Board rooms, people’s living rooms, California County Jails and Juvenile Halls.

I’ve taken all that negotiating, counseling, study and life experience and expanded on it.

Success is a system, there’s a formula. Apply it and you will transform your listings, your sales, your business and your life!

Go ahead, ask me what the secret is.